SO 3rd Anniversary Carnival

Happy anniversary celebration to Soul Order Online!  During this happy season, we have prepared kinds of events and a lot of rewards for you.

Join 10 events and enjoy abundant bonus!




Super Mount Give away

Every Registered player can get a Free Super Mount with +10 enhancement from this page:

Event time: It will last all along.

4 Super Mounts to choose:



10% S-Point Rebates

The SO Recommendation system is now giving out Free S-Points Bonus on Recharge system

If you invite others to register Soul Order Online and your invitee purchases certain amount of S-Points, then you will be able to get S-Point reward for free. The percentage of S-Point rebate has been increased to 10%. 

SO Recommendation Page:
Welcome to visit Recommendation Page to learn more details!



Video-making Contest

SO video works on "SO @YouTube"


Event Content:

Record a video of your experience in SO, Upload it on YouTube and Submit video's link on SO forum.  Then wait for awards announcement.

1. Record a video of your experience in SO.  It could be an experience in dungeon, splendid skill segments, character and guild show, pet and mount show, in-game events live or game guide. 
2. Edit it and Upload it on YouTube.
3. Go to SO Forum and Submit its link by replying this thread  And remember to leave your Character Name.

1. Entry Rewards: 50 Gold
2. Excellent Work Reward: 100 Gold (including the 50G) + Brilliant Storm Stone x4
Check Reward Requirement and Video Requirement details

Event Time:
It will last all along.
The shortest answer is doing.  Make your own SO video and show it!