Calendar Events

There are many Calendar Events for you to choose, some are daily events, while some are weekly events.  Please check in-game "Calendar" for the events schedule and details.


Fighter Battlefield

Fighter Battlefield is a guild war system which offers fighting chance & rewards for guilds to compete with each other.  Winner guilds will get a mass of experience and soul as rewards.  During the event, once you accumulated enough battle achievement, you can summon a BOSS as your servant! Moreover, a mystic treasure box will appear now and again for guilds to strive for.



7:00~8:00, 18:00~19:00 (Server Time)



  • It's available to guilds of level 2 and above.
  • In order to avoid chaos, each guild can have maximally 30 members to participate in this event.
  • Red Name players are not allowed to enter the battlefield.
  • When a character got dead during the war, he will instantly revive at birthplace without any experience, soul or item punishment.
  • Players who quit the battlefield during the war will not get rewards.
  • When the event is over, it will prompt an achievement summary interface, including winner and loser guilds' rewards information etc.


How to take part in this event?

  • Open Calendar to check event schedule.
  • Guildmaster and Supervisor go to register for the guild at NPC Battle Field Entrance Administrator in Crystal City.
  • When the battle starts, system will match opposed guilds automatically and announce a piece of notice on system interface.  Guild members enter battlefield through NPC [Battle Field Entrance Administrator].
  • The event winning conditions is to destroy "Cup of Life" of opposite guild.