Calendar Events

There are many Calendar Events for you to choose, some are daily events, while some are weekly events.  Please check in-game "Calendar" for the events schedule and details.


Mystic Altar Order Introduction

Hidden Dark Island is used to store Mystic Altar Taoist's treasures.  Unexpectedly, a disciple of Mystic Altar Taoist: Shao Si incited people to rise in rebellion.  Your task is to help Mystic Altar Taoist to give Shao Si a lesson and he would like to offer you high rewards. 

It is fit for all players.  You can check event details and schedule by in-game Calendar.

Tuesday, Thursday


4:00~5:30, 9:00~10:30, 14:00~15:30 (Server Time)


How to take part in this event?
During event time, players would need to go to visit Mystic Altar Taoist in Crystal City and enter Hidden Dark Island dungeon to do quests.