Calendar Events

There are many Calendar Events for you to choose, some are daily events, while some are weekly events.  Please check in-game "Calendar" for the events schedule and details.


Mystic Principle Introduction

During this event, you will get a secret document of your realm and you will be asked to look for NPC and pass it on.  Visit the target NPC to finish the quest and get a new one.  When you finish all the "Pass on" quests, the [Mystic Principle] quest will be finished.  Simple and high experience rewards, but you may come across danger on your way.

It is available for players of level 20 and above.  Players would need to check event details and schedule in in-game Calendar.


How to take part in this event?

1. Quest-accept spot:
    Glory Land: Level 20-35 (Maple City / Tree Man), Level 36-49 (Sand City / Spear Quain);
    Dark Land: Level 20-35 (Ghost City / Bronze Man), Level 36-49 (Crow Town / Hollow Knight);
    Neutral Area: Level 50 and above (Crystal City / Yu Shan);

2. Open Quest list, click [Current suitable quest], look for [Events] quests, click NPC name of the
quest [Mystic Principle] to realize auto-path.  Or you can open Calendar to check event schedule,
and visit corresponding NPC to accept the quest.

3. Go to a map which is roughly corresponding to your level.  Visit [Mystic Principle Herald]
(Level 20-35: They spread over Newbie Zone to Tomb Zone / Dark Marsh, Level 36-50: They
spread over Tomb Zone / Dark Marsh to Crystal City, Level 51-60: They spread over Crystal City
to Mystic Stonehenge).